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THis week in LFS (42)


After some time here are some news about LFS:



  • Goeff Kelsall provided some documentation on how to install LFS on Windows and some stuff on how to get started: 
    • http://code.google.com/p/django-lfs/wiki/InstallationWindowsTest
    • http://code.google.com/p/django-lfs/wiki/GettingStartedDesign
    • http://code.google.com/p/django-lfs/wiki/GettingStartedShop

New Stuff

  • Send rating mails: the shop owner is now able to ask customers to rate their bought products after the order has been closed for some time.


This week in LFS (34)

Sorry for being quite for such a long time. We'll try to be more regular in future.

There has been a lot of progress in the last couple of weeks. Here are the important things:


  • A more generic and flexible category tree (added start level and expand level)
  • Better manage views for products, customer, orders, carts, reviews
  • Improved topseller portlet
  • Removed all URLs from Javascript


  • Calculation of average rating
  • Calculation of delivery time for variants
  • Take care of non active products at several places (e.g. product navigation).

New stuff

  • Pluggable credit cart handling (needs some improvements though)
  • Pluggable generic export of products


And that's all for this week. Next week there will be more about LFS.

This week in LFS (29)

This are the LFS news for week 29.

New Shop:

In the last couple of weeks we migrated http://www.demmelhuber.net/shop from EasyShop (Plone - http://www.geteasyshop.com) to LFS. Demmelhuber is a (inofficially) top-500 shop in germany and has >1000 unique visits per day. This give LFS a lot of requirements and use cases from a power user (e.g. interfaces to ERP, ebay, amazon, price comparing portals a powerful management interface, etc.).


  • Display and find only active products.


  • Variants can now be sorted within the product. 
  • Some improvements concerning data inheritance from the base product.


We added some more criteria: combined length and girth, valid shipping/payment methods (which opens some powerful possibilities to make shipping/payment methods dependent from each other) and some others.


Michael created a branch for the dynamic display of certain address fields, like state and country. This is (could be) a start for some kind of localization (addresses, currencies, etc.). We need some more insights and discussions. So if you are interested don't hesitate to get in touch.


Added first simple views to manage carts (this needs more improvements).

Bugfixes / Cleanups:

  • A lot of template cleanups. 
  • Several bugfixes concerning to variants.
  • Several bugfixes concerning to the checkout page.


I still don't get SWFUpload with lighttpd or Apache/WSGI to work (frankly, I don't really tried it very hard). Anyway, with Apache/FastCGI it's working here.

And that's all for this week. Next week there will be more about LFS.

This week in LFS (26)


This are the LFS news for week 26.


The portlets story goes on. At the moment there are almost all portlets ported to the portlet engine: cart, categories, pages, recent product, related products, text and topseller. Some of them need some love, though.  

Additionally for all portlets there are also inclusion tags to render the portlet within templates. So you don't have to use the engine if you don't need this kind of flexibility. 

You can also easily register your own portlets and slots (by default there is a left and a right slot).  


The design has been refactored. 

We are using a tableless base template with the help of blueprint now.

Also some simplification has been taken place (this is an ongoing process at the moment)


We are working on the migration of demmelhuber.net to LFS. demmlhuber.net is a german top 500 shop with more than 30.000 unique visitors per month. This surely will give us some new use cases and experiences for the future.

Next week I will work with some designers on a new shop. I expect some insights from their perspective which will flow positively into the template structure.


I found out that SWFUpload (which we are using for mass upload of product images) doesn't work with lighttpd at the moment. I haven't found a solution for that yet.


We have created an uservoice account for LFShttp://lfs.uservoice.com/. So if you have some ideas don't hesitate to share them with us.

And that's all for this week. Next week there will be more about LFS.


This week in LFS (24)


  • Michael Thornhill has merged the django-paypal branch into trunk, adapted the documentation and the buildouts. Thanks Michael!
  • Troel Roennow started a branch to implement multi language support.
  • We integrated SWFUpload for mass upload of product images. The same thing for files will follow next week.
  • We finished the first working version of portlets. It's now possible to block the portlets of the parent object per slot. We will convert the existing portlets (which are based on templatetags) to the new engine next week.


And that's all for this week ...

This week in LFS (23)



We added some screenshots of the management interface.


  • Some bugfixes concerning property groups and properties
  • Unified breadcrumbs

More information can be found on Google Code.


I'm going to hold a talk about LFS at the Python User Group Leipzig (Germany) next weekon June 9. 

From the agenda: 

The presentation gives an overview of LFS: used technologies, development status, next releases, existing and planned features as well as a live demo.

Everybody who uses Python, plans to do so or is interested in learning more about the language is encouraged to participate.

Food and soft drinks are provided. Please send a short confirmation mail to info at python-academy dot de, so we can prepare appropriately.

More information can be found here: http://www.python-academy.com/user-group/index.html

And that's all for this week ...


This week in LFS (22)

Google group

We created a Google group for LFS. Don't hesitate to post there if you have any questions.

Portlets engine

A first version of portlets integration is available within trunk. There has to be done a lot of work, though. For instance: 

  • A decent method to inherit / block portlets from parent objects
  • Transform existing portlets (inclusion tags) to Portlet objects

Within that scope we published django-portlets - a generic portlets engine for Django (documentation will follow soon).

Fixed issues

Again Martin Mahner provided several issues and fixes. Thanks for this.