LFS 0.7

Customer related taxes

Possibility to define taxes for a specific customer respective for the country in which the products are to be delivered.

See: http://docs.getlfs.com/en/latest/user/concepts/taxes.html

Global image management

Central management of global images, which can be used conveniently on every text field within LFS.

See: http://docs.getlfs.com/en/latest/user/concepts/images.html

Using django_compressor

Using django_compressor in order to combine and merge CSS and JS of LFS.

Pluggable shipping price calculators

Possibility to provide an own price calculators for shipping prices. 

See: http://docs.getlfs.com/en/latest/developer/howtos/how_to_shipping_price.html

Pluggable order number generation

Possibility to overwrite the default order number generator.

See: http://docs.getlfs.com/en/latest/developer/howtos/how_to_add_own_order_numbers/index.html

Calculation of base price

Possibility to calculate and display the base price of a product automatically:

See: http://docs.getlfs.com/en/latest/user/management/catalog/products.html#data (see section Active base price).

Added product attachments

Every product can have an arbitrary amount of attachments which are provided for download.

See: http://docs.getlfs.com/en/latest/user/management/catalog/products.html#attachments

New portlets 

New portlets to display featured products and for sale products conveniently within portlets.

SEO information for shop and pages

SEO informations can now be added to shop and pages too (as products and categories).

Portlets for pages

Pages can have portlets now, too (same as products and categories).

Type of quantity field

The quantity field of a product can be defined as an integer or float number now.

Context aware help for the management interface

Added a help menu which leads to the correct documentation page automatically.

Improved pluggable product price calculators

See: http://docs.getlfs.com/en/latest/developer/howtos/how_to_add_product_pricing.html

Improved pluggable payment processors

See: http://docs.getlfs.com/en/latest/developer/howtos/how_to_add_own_payment_methods.html

Improved templates for notification mails

Mail templates are now better structured and the subject can be better overwritten.