LFS News

Some updates about the progress of LFS:

Using South 

We started to using South for migrations. Works like a charm here.

Better PayPal integration

Michael Thornhill joined the developer team and started to integrate django-paypal. I'm really happy about it as the package looks clean and well thought. Michael's integration is already up and running. He has created a branch and a buildout.

Fixed several bugs

We fixed several bugs recently. Thanks to Martin Mahner who reported several issues and provided the patches for them.

Smart product suggestions

Jens Zeidler (a colleague) started his master thesis. He is developing an application for product suggestions (and more) based on customer behaviour with the help of some AI, which will end within LFS at the end of this year.

Adding Portlets

We started to add portlets to LFS. We are using django-portlets which is planned to be a standalone application in near future once we are done.

Multiple languages support

Troels Rønnow (and colleagues) plans to add multiple language support to LFS. We are looking forward to that.


That's all for today, next week there will be more news about LFS.  If you haven't tried it yet, consider to check it out. The installation will just last a few minutes.

Update: Changed the django-paypal link to the right one: http://github.com/johnboxall/django-paypal/