LFS News 1/2010

After a long time, here are some updates about LFS:


New Code:

  • Added vouchers
  • Added redirects (based on Django's redirects app)
  • Added pluggable templates (Jens Zeidler - iqplusplus)
  • Added manufacturers (Michaela Hering - Demmelhuber)
  • Added featured products (Michael Thornhill - Maithu IT Solutions)
  • Added spain translations (sorry, I forgot who provided this :(
  • Added more tests

New live shops:

What's coming next:

  • Michael is working hard on integration of country specific addresses based on django-countries and django-postal (we hope we are getting it out of the door soon)
  • I made some tests with a GXT-based management interface: Screencast. Will see whether this will go in LFS some time.
  • Better documentation for users and developers
  • Having more lfs-fun :)