Release 0.6.7

We just released LFS 0.6.7. This is a yet another bugfix release. 


  • Bugfix: fixed displaying of manual topsellers (Maciej Wi?niowski)
  • Bugfix: topsellers - avoid empty product_id for discounts (Maciej Wi?niowski)
  • Bugfix: take care of variants for deliverability (Maciej Wi?niowski)
  • Bugfix: fixed bug causing strange behaviour while creating variants (Maciej Wi?niowski)
  • Bugfix: fixed product filtering for product management views; #issue 142
  • Bugfix: added csrf token to active-images-update-form
  • Bugfix: fixed lfs_init for Postgres; issue #129
  • Added translations for filter buttons and fix for topseller positions (Maciej Wi?niowski)
  • Updated polish translations (Maciej Wi?niowski)
  • Updated german translations



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