Release 0.7.0 beta 6

We just released LFS 0.7.0 beta 6. This is the next beta relase of the 0.7 branch.

What's new?

  • Bugfix: added safe filter to static block; issue #174 (Frank Feng)
  • Bugfix: Fixed display of short description for variants
  • Bugfix: fixed decimal_l10n tag: return origin value if it's no float
  • Bugfix: fixed error messages within checkout; issue #176 (Maciej Wi?niowski)
  • Bugfix: fixed __unicode__ methods of several models; issue #172
  • Bugfix: fixed positions of newly added variants (Maciej Wi?niowski)
  • Bugfix: fixed layout, when there are no portlets at right; issue #173 (Frank Feng)
  • Bugfix: fixed local variable 'message' referenced before assignment (Maciej Wi?niowski)
  • Updated: Polish translations (Maciej Wi?niowski)
  • Updated: Chinese translations (Frank Feng)
  • Updated: German translations


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LFS on EuroPython 2012

We have submitted a talk proposal about LFS, please consider to vote for the talk.

We are sprinting on this year's EuroPython in Florence. Don't hesitate to join us, if you are around, see: and LFS sprint topics.