Release 0.7.0 final

We are happy to announce the first final release of LFS 0.7. 

Whats new in 0.7?

  • Customer related taxes
  • Global image management
  • Using django_compressor
  • Pluggable shipping price calculators
  • Pluggable order number generation
  • Calculation of base price
  • Added product attachments
  • New portlets 
  • SEO information for shop and pages
  • Portlets for pages
  • Type of quantity field
  • Context aware help for the management interface
  • Improved pluggable product price calculators
  • Improved pluggable payment processors
  • Improved templates for notification mails

See here for more.


You can find more information and help on following locations:

LFS on EuroPython 2012

We are sprinting on this year's EuroPython in Florence. Don't hesitate to join us, see and LFS sprint topics for more.