Released 0.5.0 beta 7

Today we released LFS 0.5.0 beta 7

What's new?

  • Improved error message for checkout form (Andres Vargas / zodman); issue #87
  • Fixed invalid HTML; issue #81
  • Bugfix: correct display of cart within shop view after cart has been updated; issue #82
  • Bugfix: save and display correct text of TextPortlets; issue #39
  • Fixed requried permission from "manage_shop" to "core.manage_shop"; issue #84
  • Fixed Integration Error when adding Product with existing slug; issue #42
  • Bugfix: made option price optional (as stated within form)
  • Updated documentation; issue #60
  • Added transifex config file
  • Added translations for mexican spanish (Andres Vargas)
  • Updated spain translations
  • Updated german translations

Further Information

You can find more information and help on following places: