Released 0.6 beta 1

Update: We also have a public Jenkins instance for continues integration on shiningpanda

After more of six months we are happy to announce that we have released LFS 0.6 beta 1

Kudos to Michael Thornhill (of who did a lot of work.

So what's new?

  • Using Django 1.3
  • Added country dependent addresses
  • Added pluggable price calculation
  • Added supplier management
  • Massively improved management interface
  • Improved static file handling (Django's staticfiles)
  • Improved properties management
  • Removed SWFUpload (Flash) in favour of jquery.fileupload (Javascript)
  • Using Python's locale to display currencies
  • New contact form


Starting with this release we provide a migration command (lfs_migrate, based on South) to upgrade your existing LFS instances. Please refer to the documentation for further information.

Further Information

You can find more information and help on following places: