Released 0.6 final

We are happy to announce the first final release of LFS 0.6. 

Kudos to Michael Thornhill (of who did a lot of work to make this happen.

What's new?

  • Using Django 1.3
  • Added country dependent addresses
  • Added pluggable price calculation
  • Added supplier management
  • Massively improved management interface
  • Improved static file handling (Django's staticfiles)
  • Improved properties management
  • Removed SWFUpload (Flash) in favour of jquery.fileupload (Javascript)
  • Using Python's locale to display currencies
  • New contact form
  • Continues integration on shiningpanda


Starting with this release we provide a migration command (lfs_migrate, based on South) to upgrade your existing LFS instances. Please refer to the documentation for further information.

What happens next?

We have already started to plan and implement the next release of LFS. Some new features are:

  • Product attachements
  • Pluggable order number generation
  • Using django_compressor
  • New portlets: featured products, for sale products
  • Aded SEO information for shop and pages
  • Portets for pages
  • Generic tax calculations
  • Better pluggability

See the roadmap for up-to-date information and follow the ongoing process on bitbucket.

Further Information

You can find more information and help on following places: