Release 0.7.7

We just released LFS 0.7.7. This is a yet another bugfix release of the 0.7 branch.


  • Update: updated Czech translation (Radim Novotny).
  • Update: updated Mexican translations (tzicatl).
  • Improvement: Don't use more than one h1 tag on the product page but use h1 and h2 (Radim Novotny).
  • Improvement: Show search query in the input box if there is any query. Also added pagination to the bottom of search results page (Radim Novotny).
  • Bugfix: fixed calculation of discount net price within order; issue #36
  • Bugfix: fixed display of amount for discounts within management.
  • Bugfix: fixed sorting handling for SOLR (Radim Novotny)
  • Bugfix: fixed display of properties for locale.
  • Bugfix: fixed calculation of 'calculated price' for different locales.
  • Bugfix: fixed calculation and display of packings.
  • Bugfix: fixed display of variant property values within products management.


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