This week in LFS (26)


This are the LFS news for week 26.


The portlets story goes on. At the moment there are almost all portlets ported to the portlet engine: cart, categories, pages, recent product, related products, text and topseller. Some of them need some love, though.  

Additionally for all portlets there are also inclusion tags to render the portlet within templates. So you don't have to use the engine if you don't need this kind of flexibility. 

You can also easily register your own portlets and slots (by default there is a left and a right slot).  


The design has been refactored. 

We are using a tableless base template with the help of blueprint now.

Also some simplification has been taken place (this is an ongoing process at the moment)


We are working on the migration of to LFS. is a german top 500 shop with more than 30.000 unique visitors per month. This surely will give us some new use cases and experiences for the future.

Next week I will work with some designers on a new shop. I expect some insights from their perspective which will flow positively into the template structure.


I found out that SWFUpload (which we are using for mass upload of product images) doesn't work with lighttpd at the moment. I haven't found a solution for that yet.


We have created an uservoice account for LFS So if you have some ideas don't hesitate to share them with us.

And that's all for this week. Next week there will be more about LFS.