This week in LFS (29)

This are the LFS news for week 29.

New Shop:

In the last couple of weeks we migrated from EasyShop (Plone - to LFS. Demmelhuber is a (inofficially) top-500 shop in germany and has >1000 unique visits per day. This give LFS a lot of requirements and use cases from a power user (e.g. interfaces to ERP, ebay, amazon, price comparing portals a powerful management interface, etc.).


  • Display and find only active products.


  • Variants can now be sorted within the product. 
  • Some improvements concerning data inheritance from the base product.


We added some more criteria: combined length and girth, valid shipping/payment methods (which opens some powerful possibilities to make shipping/payment methods dependent from each other) and some others.


Michael created a branch for the dynamic display of certain address fields, like state and country. This is (could be) a start for some kind of localization (addresses, currencies, etc.). We need some more insights and discussions. So if you are interested don't hesitate to get in touch.


Added first simple views to manage carts (this needs more improvements).

Bugfixes / Cleanups:

  • A lot of template cleanups. 
  • Several bugfixes concerning to variants.
  • Several bugfixes concerning to the checkout page.


I still don't get SWFUpload with lighttpd or Apache/WSGI to work (frankly, I don't really tried it very hard). Anyway, with Apache/FastCGI it's working here.

And that's all for this week. Next week there will be more about LFS.